Machine Storage

Concerns over how to store your seasonal equipment like Narrowboats, Vintage Machines, Combines, Sprayers and Forage Harvesters when they are put away for winter is becoming a major talking point among many owners and operators.

Should the fuel tanks be drained or filled to keep out contaminated air and therefore preventing the dreaded 'diesel bug' from growing.

In response to these concerns about the long term storage of ultra low sulphur red bio diesel / gas oil Fuel-Guard have developed ‘3 in 1 WINTERIZER’. This product is specially formulated to protect the quality of your gas oil / red bio diesel when stored over winter in your equipment's fuel tanks.

Winter Fuel Storage
Combine Storage

The product contains a very powerful antioxidant that will inhibit the growth of fuel degradation associated with fuel ageing and contains a special dose of our 'Diesel Bug Killer' and Anti-Waxing agent which prevents all microbial growth occurring. When these are combined together they produce all the protection required to keep your fuel safe and freshly stored in your vehicles fuel tanks over winter.

Before storing your seasonal equipment away for winter simply treat your fuel with our '3 in 1 WINTERIZER' this product will ensure that the fuel is kept fresh, safe and free from contamination until your machine is ready for use.

Treating your equipments fuel tank with '3 in 1 WINTERIZER' from Fuel-Guard is possibly the most cost effective additive available saving you the cost of expensive repairs and downtime due to contaminated and spoilt fuel.

1 litre bottle of FUEL-GUARD '3 in 1 WINTERIZER' treats 200 litres of GAS OIL/RED BIO DIESEL.

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