Fuelling a Winner - Threpence Ha’penny

Fuelling a Winner - Threpence Ha’penny

Why the Best Boat Winner at Crick fitted three Fuel-Guard filters

Case Study - Fuelling a Winner


Steve Brown, the owner of Threpence Ha’penny, the winner of the Favourite Boat at Crick, knows a thing or two about boat fuel systems – and he should.

In the latter stages of his Royal Navy career he was involved in fuel system management, cleanliness and had oversight of fuel sampling and problem resolution on Navy ships.

So when he decided to buy a narrowboat he thought that a new-build would be best to get exactly what he wanted – in particular he wanted to design his own bespoke fuel system, and while researching for the very best parts he came across Fuel-Guard filters and was so impressed with the quality and their unique features that he ended up fitting three!

He knew from his Navy experience that clean fuel is essential for the correct operation of any ship or boat, and he found that the membrane in Fuel-Guard filters is very similar to the onboard aviation fuel filtration systems he was used to in the Navy.

Not only that, but because they are fitted with a lifetime element they can be cleaned and reused over and over again, so there should be no need to buy replacement elements, maintenance would be relatively easy, the state of the fuel could be seen easily through the filter’s unique clear bowl and the cost compared favourably with other products.

Importantly, it was also approved by he relevant authorities and further components could be easily added. So when Steve commissioned his boat Threpence Ha’penny from well established and award-winning Bourne Boat Builders in Stoke-on-Trent it was kitted out with three Fuel-Guard filters – one for the engine fuel supply, one for fuelling the domestic appliances, and a third as an onboard fuel polishing system to keep the fuel in tip-top condition.

Fitting the onboard fuel polishing system was quite an innovation because it continuously moves diesel from the tank through the Fuel-Guard filter which removes any water and solid contaminants before sending clean diesel back to the tank – so there’s always good fuel available for the engine and domestic supply, a water heater and diesel stove in Steve’s case.

Steve also decided to fit Fuel-Guard’s electronic water sensing system which constantly monitors fuel quality and will automatically detect and signal with an audible warning light when the presence of water is found in the fuel system, and he was delighted with Bourne’s attention to detail when they installed the various systems for their functionality and neatness. While using the Fuel-Guard filters might be obvious to avoid engine issues from contaminated fuel, keeping the diesel in the tank perfectly clean and free of water all the time is essential to stop diesel bug building up and clogging a boat’s fuel system, plus it also improves the efficiency of diesel heaters which can be very susceptible to the smallest amount of moisture in the fuel.

So now with his beautiful, awardwinning new boat and a well designed fuel supply system that’s fully protected, Steve can look forward to many years of enjoyable, trouble-free cruising.

Case Study - Fuelling a Winner Case Study - Fuelling a Winner Case Study - Fuelling a Winner