Fuel-Guard Plus

If you intend to store your fuel  longer than 6 months then It is essential that good housekeeping arrangement are in place failure to do so could lead to costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

Because biodiesel has a shelf life of up to six months due to its reduced oxidative stability it should not be stored in a bunker tank or in the equipment’s fuel tank for longer than this unless treated with a product such as Fuel-Guard Plus.

FUEL-GUARD ‘PLUS’ was specially formulated to protect the quality of Gas Oil /Red Diesel when stored for periods longer than six months. The product contains special antioxidants that inhibit the growth of fuel degradation products associated with ageing and therefore reduces the potential for sludge build up in fuel tanks that could be carried over into fuel pipes and engines resulting in blocked filters and varnishing.

Fuel-Guard Plus
Fuel-Guard Plus

The product also contains a special fuel biocide that acts to prevent microbial growth occurring which themselves can promote operational problems and accelerate system corrosion.

Using ‘FUEL-GUARD ‘PLUS in your fuel store will help to maintain the quality and prolong the storage life of your Gas Oil/Red Diesel beyond its normal six months shelf life.

Treating your fuel store with FUEL-GUARD ‘PLUS’ is possibly the most cost effective additive available and could save you the immense cost of replacing spoilt fuel.

1 litre bottle of FUEL-GUARD ‘PLUS’ treats 4000litres of GAS OIL/RED DIESEL

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