Frequently Asked Questions

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1  How do I know if I have a problem with my fuel storage?

2  Should I update the filter system on my storage tank?

3  How long can I store my fuel before it develops problems?

4  What should I do about the fuel in my combine harvester at the end of the season?

5  My tank is really old, do I need to replace it?

6  My tank is plastic, am I safe?

7  Can I test my fuel for the Diesel Bug?

8  How do I protect my fuel from the Diesel Bug?

9  My storage tank is gravity fed can I still put one of your filter system on?

10  Your filter systems have fitted a special clogging indicator, how do they work?

11  I have read that biodiesel is more susceptible to freezing in cold weather because it attracts water

12  My machine can 'run rough' sometimes how can I improve its performance?

13  My storage tank is steel should I replace it?

14  Can I test my fuel for water?

15  Can I quickly test my delivered fuel for contamination?

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PAGE : Total: 17 questions