Decontaminator / Water Separator FGD1120

The Decontaminator Model FGD1120 suitable for engines up to 150 bhp.

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Buy the FGD1120 for £255 and get the fuel polishing kit worth £85.00 absolutely FREE

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  • Model FGD1120 Advert


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This Decontaminator is a simple one step unit that will remove up to 95% of solid contaminants (down to approximately 30 microns) and 100% visible water, including emulsified water that may be in the fuel.  

Using an entirely new unique filter design this system will ensure a 100% solution to the problem of water and particulate contamination in fuel.

No replacement of filter element or cartridge is required.

The Decontaminator performs this function with a reusable lifetime filter element.

Simply drain the collected water, sediments and sludge by opening the valve on the bottom of the unit. Remove the special lifetime filter element and carefully clean.

The special lifetime filter element can be cleaned very easily when blocked, just remove and gently wash with clean diesel and reinstall this operation requires no tools.

Various models are available to suit engine horse power sizes ranging from 150 HP - up to 1200 HP.


1. It will clean and improve your fuel system.

2. Extends the life of the engine, injection pump and injectors.

3. Combustion of the fuel would be much improved - which would lead to better fuel efficiency.

4. Will reduce exhaust emissions.

5. Reduces down time.

6. Will reduce consumption of standard engine fuel filters by more than 70-80%.

7. Major environmental benefit due to reduction in land fill. 

Fuel Guard - Kept me safe at sea

I bought 2 of your filters for my catamaran in Gibraltar this summer, and have to say they worked great and saved our trip to the Cape Verde. We had some bad fuel from Greece, and got a lot more in Marocco. I had to take off and clean the filters every day, but they did exactly the perfect job and without them we would never have made it to Cape Verde.

I now need some spear parts for our around the world trip, and wonder if I could get an offer from you on the following items sent to Norway addressed to boat in transit:

1 x complet filter FGD 100
1 x filter element for FGD 100
4 x o-rings/ gasket


Morten Ruud



Very  Impressed with The Fuel-Guard FGD100

One of the worst things for me is to be on my boat ready to enjoy a wonderful day  and have the engine refuse to start or cut out all because of water in the fuel or a  clogged filter, which I would  have to deal with it.  My engine has very few miles on it and regardless of additional conventional filtration products I still had problems that ended up being fuel related.

That was until I came across The Fuel Guard Decontaminator and Water Separator. I saw the demonstration on the website and I was impressed. 

After a quick phone call to Ian at Fuel Guard to discuss my problems I quickly received my filter which came complete with the correct fittings. The installation was simple and looked a quality item. This was it the moment of truth and all I can say is eureka. My problems were over, first time starts and no unscheduled stops due to contaminated fuel so enjoyable summer was had by all

Ian I would like to thank you and your fuel-Guard product for making my boating holidays enjoyable and stress free once again.


 Mike Newton

 Hartlepool / Boroughbridge Marina   



"After significant research to find an efficient and effective Fuel Filter that did not necessitate frequent element change, I came across Fuel Guard’s products. Technical support and advice, together with boundless enthusiasm and keenness to share information and experience has been very much welcomed.

The filter does exactly what is stated and needs no element replacement (saving money and the environment with no soiled filter elements for disposal). Cost effective and an excellent performer. Strongly recommended."

Tony Batchelor - AffilIIMS
Marine Consultant & Surveyor

"The Fuel-Guard 560 fuel filter has been a great asset to our diesel fuel cleaner, it has saved our customers money by reducing the amount of Racor 1000 filters that we use by around 80% in real terms this amounts to an average saving of £39.00 per fuel clean. The Fuel-Guard 560 is both easy to clean and drain and the contamination visible. Of the Fuel-Guard filters fitted to customers boats already, we have received extremely positive and glowing feedback with all customers happy to recommend their filters to others. We haven't found a down side to them yet in marine installations."

Nick Eddy FHMS

We have the FGD100 fitted onto our boat running a Yanmar engine and are very pleased with it's performance we found the filter system so simple to fit and easy to use and it certainly does what it says on the tin 'keeps our fuel dry and free from water' a great comfort when we are out at sea.


Len Pritchett  - Fishing Boat Owner

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