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Fuel Guard products are helping many industries across the UK to solve a host of diesel fuel, red diesel and gas oil problems which affect businesses like yours every day.


If you or your business stores gas oil (red diesel) then you will need to take action quickly to prevent contaminated red diesel or gas oil damaging your expensive equipment. From fuel additives which will protect your diesel storage tank from the diesel bug, to specifically designed filter systems which can help you deal with a host of diesel and fuel contaminants the Fuel Guard is ready to protect your fuel.

Bio Ethanol and Bio Diesel content in all fuels could give businesses just like yours various fuel storage problems especially if you store gas oil (red diesel). Reduced diesel fuel and gas oil shelf life means your red diesel could be unusable after 6 months. The Fuel Guard can provide free advice and guidance along with a number of solutions best suited to your business. Be that quarrying, farming or agriculture, plant equipment hire or construction the Fuel Guard can give you industry specific guidance on how best to deal with your diesel storage problem.

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